It is difficult to achieve at an international level in any sport without a great
team of supporters. I am grateful to have the support of some fantastic sponsors
in addition to some local businesses who advertise for the year on my website.

During the Olympic Games it is not possible to thank them on my main page
due to Rule 40 of the IOC which restricts athletes use of their name, image and
non-Olympic sponsors, so for the month of August I am recognising their support
on this page and in the spirit of the greatest international sporting event I want to say ...


Aislin proud to be a member of the Beretta family and has been
shooting with Beretta shotguns since she commenced coaching
in 2012. Her current tool of trade is a Beretta 692 Skeet.
In 2017 Aislin will take delivery of a DT11 Black Skeet.


Aislin uses Bronze Wing 24g ISSF Skeet in #9 shot,
with 24g ISSF Trap for selected targets.


When not training on the range, Aislin trains at home on a DryFire Simulator.


BEST have been my vest supplier for nearly as long as I've been competing.
They make great designs in the biggest range of colours of any manufacturer
I have found. They have provided my vest for the Rio Olympics.


Supplier of high quality optics from

I shoot in Pilla Outlaw X7 lenses from Glenn at On Target Sporting Arms.
If you haven't tried Pilla's you definitely should :)


I am grateful to have the support of the following local businesses in East Gippsland

who are long term advertisers on my website




 Thanks also to the boys at the tavern for their fundraising efforts!