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DryFire Target Simulators

I've been using a DryFire Target Simulator now for nearly 2 years, and I use it several nights a week. For those that aren't sure what a DryFire Simulator is, click on the picture above to be taken to their website. Briefly, they are a fantastic training and teaching aid which has proven to be an outstanding tool for me. There can be no doubt that my DryFire Target Simulator has played an important role in my rapid rise in ISSF Skeet, from my transition from American Skeet in October 2014 to my 2nd place in qualification shooting 69/75 at my international debut at the ISSF Junior Cup at Suhl in June 2015. 

Picture: Aislin became the youngest ever Australian National Womens
ISSF Champion in Jan 2016 and will represent Australia at
the Olympics in Rio in August 2016. 

There's nothing like shooting a lot of targets in practice - but DryFire allows you to do that in your living room without the cost of shells and targets!

With 5 metres of wall space to project onto, my Beretta 692, and a tripod, I can shoot 100-150 targets in a practice session in the comfort of my living room only metres from the wood fire stove! It's so realistic - the target speed and trajectory is lifelike, and it is easy to set up.

You don't need as much wall space as me for trap & other disciplines either. I think it's great on winter nights when the days are so short that there's hardly time to shoot 50 targets out at the club, before the light fades too far to be of any use. As an added bonus, I haven't used any shells so there's no need to even have to clean the gun - Dad's not complaining about that!

DryFire is a cost effective, time efficient tool that provides me visual feedback on every shot. It shows shot placement, timing, distance to target and a heap of other information. 

And if you want a break from your usual discipline, you have the added benefit of knocking up a quick DTL or sporting comp at home with family or friends! The range of events you can shoot is almost endless. 

The team at DryFire have also been fantastic with their product support and advice. I'd just like thank them for their support, and their product. You just have to try one to see what it can do for your shooting.




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